All art is but imitation of nature. – Seneca

Unveiling the art in science and nature

Hey there! I help healthcare and nature-centric publishers craft outstanding medical and life science illustrations—no stress about quality, reliability, or timely delivery. Let’s boost your revenue streams together! Plus, I’m all about making some cool autonomous art on the side. Ready to dive in? 😊🎨

Time savings

Save time and collaborate with a professional artist.


Get attention and make an impact on your audience.

Clear process

Follow the process that leads to predictable results.

What services i’m providing


Natural science illustration

Looking for stunning and scientifically accurate illustrations? As a scientific illustrator, I bring life to your subjects through my art! 🎨✨

Medical illustration

I’m a medical illustrator specializing in anatomy illustration. Need detailed and accurate visuals for your project? I’ve got you covered! 🎨✨

Autonomous art

So, besides geeking out on all things science and medicine, I’m also a visual artist who loves bringing portraits, animals, and the environment to life through my paintings. 🎨✨

Why choose me?

Innovative design

My designs capture the essence of complex subjects.

Highly skilled

My team and I are accomplished certified illustrators.

Fast turnaround

Prompt delivery without sacrificing quality.

Industry centric

Targeting healthcare providers and scientific publishers.

Visually engaging

I create art that educates and inspires.

Applicable art

Tailored artwork to cater your needs.

What my clients say

I have worked with Karin Spijker for many years on various visual projects. The greatest common denominator in these projects is a qualitative, professional image realized within the deadline. Karin is entirely at home in both fields, whether an illustration or high-end image editing on photo material.

Pauline Speelman, Signorita

Karin Spijker has performed an assignment for me several times to my complete satisfaction, such as logos and two 3D animations. Karin can translate the information from a briefing into the desired end product and pleasantly think along with you. In doing so, she works accurately, follows the set timetable, and honors her appointments. Karin is also a charming person to work with.

Seahorse solutionsNatasja Kardos, Seahorse Solutions

For my clients, I have asked Karin Spijker more often for customized assignments, especially for more specialized image editing. Karin can conjure up software like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. She is very meticulous, also in her communication about progress. I highly recommend Karin, her work, and her pleasant cooperation.

I have worked with Karin for many years to create the set boards for the TV program Dit Was Het Nieuws, and I am delighted with that. Karin works independently and is creative, flexible, and pleasant in the consultation. As a TV producer, I want to continue to appeal to her for upcoming years.

Dit Was Het NieuwsAngelique de Vries, Angel's tv producties

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I offer various techniques

Boer goat

Line drawing



Horse superficial muscles

 Pen and ink



Cosmetic surgery






Blood flow and cholesterol



After Jacob van Ruisdael




Working process

1. Consult

2. Quote

3. Sketch

4. Result

5. Delivery

Having a consistently repeatable applied process leads to predictable results. Therefore, I created five steps leading you towards your goals: efficiency, effectiveness, and satisfaction.

A project begins with a phone, email, or in-person consultation to discuss the project’s subject and requirements. For example, how will the illustrations, animations, or media be used? What reference materials are available? What are the deadline and budget? What reproduction rights are needed?

Then, I prepare a proposal for the client, including a detailed description of the work scope, an estimate of fees, a process for approval and changes, delivery dates, and a licensing contract describing reproduction rights, payment schedule, and other terms and responsibilities.

Once we have negotiated the price and licensing rights, both parties sign the proposed contract, and the work begins. Sometimes, an advance payment may be required to start work.

I will research the subject, review references, discuss key concepts with the client or a content expert, and begin preliminary sketches or storyboards. Subsequently, I send preliminary sketches or storyboards to the client for careful review and correction. One to two rounds of sketch revisions are typical.

Additionally, the client may need to approve an animation project’s motion tests, voice-over, and music soundtrack. Thorough communication between the client and me, the illustrator, is crucial. Errors and changes discovered after client approval of sketches may be labor and cost-intensive to repair.

I create the final illustrations or animations after the client approves sketches or storyboards in writing. After thoroughly reviewing drawings, changes to the final artwork should be unnecessary or minimal.

The final artwork is sent for client review. Upon approval in writing, the high-resolution files are delivered via the internet by a safe connection. Finally, I’ll send the (last) invoice with the final product. Prompt payment is essential as the grant of licensing rights is typically subject to a charge in full.

Your Roadmap To Succes

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